Tuesday, February 24, 2015

First Time Home Buyer Blog: Pre-Delivery Inspection

Welcome back! If you have been following along you will know that I am very close to getting the keys to my new home! But just before I get the keys I wanted to share with you the excitement of my Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

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Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI):

I should warn you before you read this I am writing this on the morning of the day when I get my keys! I am very excited and nervous and might not be making the most sense! ;)

So just like any other new homebuyer, a couple of days before I get my keys, I was invited to complete a Pre-Delivery Inspection with our (Parkview Homes) Warranty Service Coordinator, Nithya. During the inspection Nithya showed me everything in my home, tested all the taps, windows and lights and gave me the chance to point out any minor deficiencies, so they could be corrected prior to me getting my keys and moving in.

We started the inspection in my unfinished lower level. She showed me the electrical panel, the furnace and where the filter is located and how to change it, the HRV system, the hot water tank and the three-piece bathroom rough-in. She was very thorough in describing what everything did and how it worked. Just in case I missed something, she also showed me where all the instruction manuals were located as well.

For the next part of the inspection we moved to the main level where we looked at my beautiful kitchen! It was fantastic to finally see it in person! It just sparkled! Literally! Between the sun shining in hitting the cabinetry handles and the tiny reflective flecks in the tile floor, the whole thing seemed to sparkle! I am so excited to get my appliances in there, so I can get cooking and baking!

Just off the kitchen, Nithya showed me the controls for my HRV system and my programmable thermostat and explained how they both worked.

Continuing my inspection on the main floor I got to see how all my Design Studio Selections came together. Not only was I overjoyed with how my kitchen came together, my powder room dazzled as well! I am so happy that I decided to go with a different countertop in my bathroom. It was definitely the right decision. As well, on my main level I got to see the fabulous trim and door package I selected! It to just blew me away!

Next, we moved up the stairs to the upper level. The carpet I selected for the stairs and the upper level looks awesome! The colour works fantastically with the current wall colour and the tile that I picked throughout my new home. Again, the trim and door package looked delightful!

Upstairs I also got my first chance to see my master bedroom with its huge walk-in closet, which will soon be filled with perfectly organized wardrobe and with so much space I just might have to buy more clothes to fill it! While in my master bedroom we also checked out my master ensuite which turned out amazing! Just like everything else in my new home ;). Again, I did awesome at my Design Studio Selections!! I am super pleased with how everything came together. I can’t wait to get the keys!

Overall there were just a few touch ups here and there but my new home looked fantastic! I am very excited to move in this weekend! I am already dreaming of how I will furnish each room! First I need to buy some furniture. But hey! Having zero furniture makes moving easy right?

Once I am in I will take some beautiful pictures to share with you all!

Talk to you soon,
Alyssa :)

PS. If you want to be my neighbour check out Jackson CreekMeadows!

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