Thursday, November 21, 2013

Passion For The Job

Do you have passion for what you do? I sure do. There are many aspects to my career that I find exciting, gratifying and also challenging.

What do I find exciting? It’s really all about people. The joy of creating a connection, the ability to help understand their needs and help problem solve. The satisfaction of offering potential purchasers and purchasers design ideas and structural changes that they may not have thought about. I love making suggestions for things as simple as… “How about we add a nice pocket door in the master ensuite, so that the door when opened, will not be hiding your beautiful new glass shower door. Often the person(s) buying will not think of the simple changes that will make the home function easier.

There are also creative and challenging elements to my position that I welcome. I was approached a few months ago to work out a custom home design for a client that was severely disabled in a recent major car accident. The mobility needs for a client in that situation are extensive and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of creating a custom home design that meets all mobility and lifestyle needs, IE: Custom kitchen, electrical switches at different levels, elevator, access ramps, walk in shower and so much more. It has been an honour to work with such amazing clients and to work together in harmony to create a winning floor plan, that serves all mobility and lifestyle needs.

As Director of Sales and Marketing, I’m proud to be leading a caring and talented team of sales, marketing and design professionals. The total tenure of my team exceeds 29 years of consulting with prospects, designing and working out great living solutions for hundreds and hundreds of happy Parkview Homeowners. I also love the challenge of managing the marketing effort, understanding “New Home" trends, market conditions, knowing our competition and making continuous improvements to processes, and products while always keeping a watchful eye on customer satisfaction.

I feel blessed to be working in a dynamic industry that I have a great understanding and passion for. At the end of the day, it’s all about people and in many cases, making the dream of owning a new home simple, fun and worry free. For more information about my blog or purchasing a Brand new Home, please contact me at 705-741-1004 or email me at

New homes in Peterborough.  Quality. Craftsmanship. Attention to Detail.  Visit today.  You may also visit our Facebook page to join in on the conversation!

Monday, June 10, 2013

How Parkview Homes Makes Personalizing Your Floor Plan Easier…

If you're in the market for a new home, perhaps you have recently visited with different builders within the Peterborough area. As you explore the exciting option of personalizing your floor plan, you may run into a wall of frustration, as typically builders try and sell their stock plans, and are not interested in customizing floor plans to meet your lifestyle floor plan requirements.

At Parkview Homes, the entire philosophy behind “Building Homes We Love” is also “Building Homes YOU Love”! We listen and understand what you are truly looking for and our team of experts will often be proactive in making floor plan suggestions, and “YES” our team will work with you, in making your desired floor plan a reality!

Often there may be very little cost in making minor for plan changes. However, you may have special requirements that may require larger floor plan changes, possibly to accommodate a disabled individual, or you may want to change the configuration of the floor plan to better suit your lifestyle needs, or add more square footage to the living or garage areas, these changes my cost a little more but will provide you with the home you have always wanted.

Parkview’s expert team of New Homes Specialists will look at your requests, offer practical advice and solutions, and try and come up with the most affordable way to achieve your overall floor plan goal(s).

Parkview Homes prides itself on the fact that we offer much more flexibility and customization to your floor plan than any other builder in the Peterborough area. If you have specific requirements or specific needs, drop into one of our professionally decorated Model Homes, and speak to one of our New Home Specialists and make your dream of owning a brand-new home "Your Way" a reality because You deserve a Parkview Home!

Start searching for your BRAND NEW Parkview Home at

I would also be thrilled to hear from you by phone or meet you at my office to discuss your new home needs.

For more information on how we can put together your ideal floor plan please feel free to visit my Model Home, give me a call or send me an email.

Rick Phillips
2675 Foxmeadow Road, Peterborough, ON   
cell – 705.868.6441

Jackson Creek Meadows – West End Model
109 Chandler Crescent, Peterborough, ON
(Off Parkhill Road West, between Brealey Drive and Ravenwood Drive)

Harmony Condominiums – South West Model
287 Spillsbury Drive, Peterborough, ON
(*Please note floor plan changes are unavailable in Harmony Condominiums, however interior finishes can be altered to accommodate your lifestyle needs)

Victoria Gardens – Lindsay Model
55 Lisbeth Crescent, Lindsay, ON
(Off Mary Street, between Adelaide St. and Albert St.)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why Choose Lindsay

Did you know that Parkview Homes is now building in the quaint town of Lindsay? Well if you didn’t, now you know! Victoria Gardens is a quaint new home community with crescent and court lots available, as well as Quick Move In homes!

If you are looking to make your move to the heart of the Kawartha Lakes, Lindsay is the perfect place to call home. Here is a brief history on Lindsay came to be the great town it is today…

It was back in 1825 when settlers began to come to the Lindsay region. By 1830 the small village had witnessed the construction of a dam on the Scugog River, a sawmill and gristmill.  With the arrival of the railway system in Port Hope in 1857, Lindsay has steadily grown and is now considered by many to be the jewel of the Kawartha Lakes region. Featuring a nature inspired setting of picturesque parks, walking trails, lakes, rivers and access to the Trent Severn Waterway, the town of Lindsay is the perfect place to raise a family or enjoy a fun filled retirement.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or have a flair for the arts, the town of Lindsay has your entertainment needs covered!  With popular tourist attractions such as the Lindsay Lilac Festival, The Academy Theater for Performing Arts, the local Farmer’s Market and a great variety of local antique shops, museums and restaurants, the town of Lindsay has something for everyone!

Located near Lindsay’s state of the art hospital and award winning college is the new upscale community of Victoria Gardens by Parkview Homes.  Featuring a variety of modern bungalow, two storey and loft home designs, this quiet enclave of affordable homes is selling fast so drop by the model home at 55 Lisbeth Crescent (off Adelaide St., between Mary St. and Albert St.) for a personal viewing.

A brand new Parkview Home, nestled in the cozy community of Victoria Gardens, in the heart of the beautiful town of Lindsay…  We look forward to your visit!

If you are looking for more information on the fabulous community contact me…

Paul Davidson, New Home Specialist
705.320.9997 (Lindsay)
705.748.4665 (Peterborough)

Thanks for reading; I look forward to hearing from you! - Paul

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Parkview Homes Design Studio Excitement!

Why am I writing this blog to you today? Because I’m excited! Thrilled really! Although I am a little late to share my excitement with you… almost a month late, to be exact… but it’s the story of my life… In fact I’m pretty sure I will be late for my own funeral some day (according to my Mother).

So here is my exciting news…

After four years working alongside the dynamic team of professionals at Parkview Homes, I am thrilled, (THRILLED!) to announce my new position as Designer and Manager of the beautiful Parkview Homes Design Studio!!

With ten years experience as a local Interior Designer, I am passionate about bringing my design experience and knowledge into the Design Studio. I look forward to meeting and guiding our new Parkview homebuyers through their colour selection process. At the Design Studio, we have a large selection of modern finishes and creative colour choices for purchasers to choose from.
Since I already eat, sleep and breathe design, it feels a little like trying on that perfect shoe.
I have enjoyed many years of working with our homebuyers as the Sales and Production Coordinator. I look forward to continuing to work even more closely with each of our wonderful homebuyers as I embark on my new position as Design Studio Manager, while continuing in my role as Sales and Production Coordinator providing customer service during the build and conducting plan reviews and pre-drywall walkthroughs .

Over the upcoming months you will see a variety of fantastic new products, colours and hot new trends arriving in the Parkview Homes Design Studio.  Like us on Facebook to see some of these exciting new products, along with hot tips on current interior design trends!

Pop by to visit the Design Studio during browsing hours:
  •       Tuesdays 4-6pm
  •     Sundays 2-5pm

….and see for yourself WHAT'S NEW !!  Watch for more design blogs to come…

Oh, and if you haven’t already bought a Parkview Home, visit our website here and happy designing!!

Susan Fenn

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Falling in Love with a New Home

Ahhhhh… Love is in the air! I can feel it all around me, as I watch couples beginning the thrill of a new relationship. I wonder if what they are feeling and seeing in the object of their affection is merely the outer layer of something wonderful, or if it’s something that in time will reveal even more delights layer by layer.

So often as relationships progress, sheer delight increases as each new quality of personality, intellect or character is revealed, till it leads to the breathtaking decision to spend a lifetime together. Of course we all know and have experienced what happens when the layers begin to unfold and everyone settles into a comfortable ‘This is the real me’ existence. Then we discover that the person underneath the beautiful exterior that first brought us together is everything we had hoped for and imagined.

One of the most incredible purchases a couple or single person will ever make in a lifetime is the home that they will spend their relationships in, as marriages bloom and families grow to occupy the new home.

As vitally important as making sure we know what is under all those layers of the person we want to invest a long future with, is knowing what is inside the major investment of a new home purchase. Just like the thrill of unearthing the many facets of that special person in our lives, so should the discovery of a new home be equally thrilling, culminating in a long-lasting relationship that fills our hearts with pride, joy and delight.

Often when purchasing a home that has been previously occupied by others, the “honeymoon” phase of home ownership can take an unwelcome turn, as layers are uncovered that a “pretty” exterior has kept hidden. Purchasing a home that is newly built from the ground up, being able to see exactly what is being done, and what is truly a part of your new home’s “real” personality, can make the home ownership experience a perpetual union of bliss for many years to come.

Come and visit us today to discover what ‘falling in love’ with a new home is all about!

By Catey Jobin, New Home Specialist

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Family Day 2013

Traditionally February has been known as the month for romance, with Valentine’s Day being celebrated on the 14th. However, since 2008 in Ontario, February has also been a time for family, with the Family Day holiday. This year we will all get a little break from the work week on Monday, February 18th.  All of us here at Parkview Homes are looking forward to some quality family time and thought we could share some of the ideas we had, with all of you!

1. Get outside! Enjoy what is left of winter!
There is so much family fun to be had in the great outdoors! You could take a trip to the ski slopes, head down to the canal for some skating, find that favourite tobogganing hill or go out of the ordinary and try ice fishing!

2. Stay indoors!
Get the whole family around the table and enjoy some games! Hours of fun can be had laughing, talking and just hanging out with a good game. Suggestions for fantastic family games could be Apples to Apples, Cranium, Scrabble or Pictionary!

3. Try something new!
Always wanted to try something new and adventurous with family but never had the time? This day is for you! Why not try indoor rock climbing, lazer tag or indoor mini golf?

Here are a few sites with other ideas for what to do this Family Day in Peterborough!

We are counting down the days to our next family adventures and hope that you have as much fun on yours, as we plan to have on ours!

Just remember your family can be anybody that you hold dear! Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Friend, Neighbour, Dog, Cat, Hamster, Fish, the list can go on and on. Get your family together and have a day of fun! We all deserve it!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Benefits of Insulation in a Parkview Home

Given it's January and very cold outside, we’ll bet you’re happy you have insulation in your homes!  Here are a few things you may not know about the benefits of insulation from the experts at Parkview homes!

Insulation is one of the most effective ways to improve the efficiency, comfort and operation costs of your home. Insulation works effectively both winter and summer to either keep warm air in during the winter months and minimize heat gain in the summer months. 

There are three ways in which heat can be transferred; these are referred to as radiation, convection and conduction. Radiation is heat that travels in a straight line that is emitted by one object or material and radiates to a cool object or material to heat it; Convection is the transfer of heat through gasses or liquids for example as warm air rises it is replaced by cooler air, conduction is heat transfer through a material or object or through material or objects touching. Resistance to heat flow is achieved in two different ways either bulk insulation (typically found in home construction) and reflective insulation (not recognized by Ontario Building Code) which works in two different ways. Bulk insulation traps air or gas within its makeup which provides the resistance to heat flow caused by radiant, convection or conduction.

Insulation is measured by its effectiveness in either a U-Value(rate at which it conducts) or an R-Value (thermal resistance). The higher the R- value the greater its resistance and the higher the insulating effect.

A home built to today's standards is 37% more efficient than a home built to code prior to 2006 using 1997 Ontario building code standard. 

For Example;

Main floor walls (typ 20% of homes energy loss):           

prior to 2006- R12                       Current Parkview built home standard – R22
Attic Insulation  (upto 50 % of total Homes heat loss):  

prior to 2006 – R30                     Current Parkview built home standard – R50
Exposed Floors or ceilings:                                                        

prior to 2006 –R19                      Current Parkview built home standard - R31 
Basement Insulation (up to 25-30% heat loss):
prior to 2006 min 2 ft below Grade           Current Parkview built home standard - A min 7-7/8” above finished basement floor ( approx Full height insulation)            

Quick Check
ü  Reduces energy Costs- overall home operation costs $$

ü  Reduce Green house gasses and emission

ü  Improved comfort year round

ü  Reduces noise transmission

ü  Reduces condensation

ü  Saves on non-renewable resources

ü  Added value