Monday, November 22, 2010

A Few Words From Our Happy Homeowners!

Everybody knows that the best advertising comes from satisfied customers. So, we’re going to let our happy homeowners do the talking!

David and Rebecca in Foxmeadow on their home buying experience:
“I feel that our sales representative took a real interest in our house and helped us to build a home and not just a residence. We have also had a wonderful experience working with the decorator who was more than willing to help and go above and beyond the call of duty.
Walking around in our community, we still see construction members from Parkview, the site supervisor and our sales representative, and they have been so very friendly and still invest their time to talk to us and ensure we are still happy!”

Kyle from Mapleridge Townhomes on the construction of his new home:
“There is definitely commitment by Parkview staff to building quality homes. We love all of the extra touches – the rounded corners, the dry-walled garage, the framed fireplace.”

Deborah and Brad from the Mapleridge community on Parkview’s staff and design options of their new home:
“Our sales representative was very pleasant. Parkview’s customer service representative was very kind. The design and quality of our homes is top notch. The decor centre and kitchen center folks are great and so are the site staff.
Also, they were very flexible on purchase and design options in general - layouts/size, etc.”

James and Alannah in Harmony Condos comment on what they like most about their experience with Parkview Homes:

“The incentives offered and professionalism displayed by representatives of Parkview”

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Interior Design and Decorating: Furniture Trends

“Mix and match” seems to be the name of the game. Shabby chic is very popular. (For example, using spray paint to revitalize yard sale finds.) Beiges, baby blues and greys are popular for furniture colours, as are using accent colours to brighten a room and to create a dramatic statement. Throw pillows in bold patterns and colours are used to ‘pull the look together’. It’s easy to change accents and pillows to give a room a new feel – rather than recovering your furniture.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Interior Design and Decorating: Trends in Paint Colours

Light paint colours and faux finishing continue to outweigh the use of wallpaper in interiors, as they have in the recent past. We have seen a lot of purples, blues, and metallic paint colors. The trend seems to be to use lighter shades (like lavender). We are also seeing hot pinks – not girly shades, but lighter and more sophisticated pinks – used even as the main paint color on walls with black accents. And, due to the current “green” environmental craze, soft green palettes will continue to show up in homes. Sage greens, soft beigy greens are very popular.

Linda Watson

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Advantages of a New Home vs a Re-sale Home

One of the primary advantages of buying a new home is the ability to get specifically what you want. You can decorate your home from the beginning exactly the way you want. You can pick all the colors, which range from paint to carpet. You can also make the tile and cabinetry selections for the kitchen and bathrooms, not to mention the hardwood, countertops and lighting.

Often, new homes will have more modern conveniences, better insulation and can be more energy efficient. Everything is new, including the windows, roof and the furnace – and they come with a warranty! Future repairs and upgrades are not a concern with a new home warranty. No need to worry about replacing furnaces, shingles, flooring etc.

Plus, owning a new home means a fresh start – no need to clean up someone else’s mess and decorating disasters in a dated or washed-out home.

People may have the false impression that the cost of a new home in more than a re-sale. This isn’t necessarily true. Many home sellers set high prices on their re-sale due to lack of market familiarity or the need to get more than its value to repay what is owed on it.

In some cases, when buyers think they are getting a ‘great deal’ on a discounted home that is under power of sale, it often turns out to be a costly mistake. Especially when you consider the work required to bring the home back to a livable condition.

Do your research on what your price range will buy and compare what you get with a new home. (And don’t forget one last advantage – Peace of mind!)

Linda Watson

Monday, August 23, 2010

Customize your home with choices....

The Décor Centre is a place where your dreams become reality. Our experienced Décor Centre Consultant will help make the selection of the finishing treatments of your new home a very exciting experience. It's time to have some fun customizing the home of your dreams. Enjoy the process!

Our Décor Centre features a comfortable and relaxed environment in which to browse, choose, and select the finishes for your new home. We are here to help you with your decisions and to guide you along this wonderful part of your purchase.

Investing in upgrades in your home makes it worth so much more and enhances your quality of life. For every $1,000 your spend in upgrades, the cost is only about $3 per month based on an 3% mortgage rate.

Our Décor Centre offers many, many options to choose from as well as a great selection of standard finishes that are already included within your purchase.

Personalized consultations with every Parkview homebuyer are part of what sets us apart from our competition. Our Décor Centre Consultant has almost 20 years experience in the new home industry and will ensure that your questions are answered and your wishes fulfilled - all on budget!

The Upgrade chart above is reflected upon a $200,000.00 purchase with a conventional mortgage. Prices are just a reflection of the possible cost you may pay per month on top of your monthly mortgage payments. Parkview Homes recommend that you contact your mortgage vendor for further information regarding exact monthly payments. Amounts on the chart are examples only and Parkview Homes included this as an illustration only.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thompson Bay Estates

Ever since I entered the work force I have always enjoyed selling. I have sold everything from private tennis lessons to yellow page advertising, custom ceiling fans to shrimp cocktails; but the best sales experience by far is selling new homes!

For the past 10 years I have been “working with the homeless” meeting thousands of people, selling hundreds of new homes and learning new things about the industry every day. My favorite part of selling the news homes is customizing each home to every homeowner’s wants and needs. Whether it’s a larger kitchen, walk-in closets, a pool table sized game room or a massive garage it can all be accomplished when you’re building new.

I have developed many great relationships with my home buyers over the years that continue on long after they receive the keys on closing day. In many cases I am invited to house warnings and watch proudly as the new homeowners show off their one of a kind home to friends and family.

I would encourage anyone looking for a home to drop into our award winning model at 2439 Cunningham Blvd. and discover for yourself all the terrific advantages of going new.

Paul Davidson

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Note from Roger Issa

My name is Roger Issa, I joined the Parkview Homes Sales Team about 2 years ago and it has been a very enjoyable career.

The highlight of my time here at Parkview Homes has been seeing the joy and excitement on people’s faces when they are purchasing their brand new home or condominium. I enjoy taking the journey with them from start to finish and helping them with their purchase , listening to their inputs and answering their questions.

For me selling new homes and condominiums is all about building trust with my clients and establishing a lasting relationship with them, helping them feel comfortable and well informed with their selection and all that it entails.

I also enjoy seeing and interacting with the people in my subdivision as I drive around. They also stop by from time to time and say hello to me. Sometimes they even bring me a Tim Horton’s coffee, by the way I like my coffee with 1 cream and 1 sweetener! Just in case you were wondering.

Once again I would like to say that I am a people person and to me one of the priceless rewards is when I see the smile on people’s faces and even at times tears of joy coming from them that makes it all worthwhile for me.

Roger Issa - Sales Representative 768-7178

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Meadows - Greenspace Adult Neighbourhood

Location, conveniences, luxury lifestyle...

The Meadows is a small community of perfectly located condominiums geared to the active adult lifestyle. It's what you've been looking for. An adult community, in the perfect location, surrounded by greenspace. The Meadows offers great value for greenspace walkout bungalows, in a spacious country like setting. Starting in the $220s for a well designed home on a generous sized greenspace lot with conveniences within walking distance.

Close to Kawartha Golf and Country Club, shopping, restaurants, and the neighbourhood park, you'll quickly discover a friendly, warm, and convenient lifestyle that only The Meadows can offer. Walk across the bridge to the Zellers Plaza for shopping, groceries, restaurants, etc.

Gorgeous from top to bottom and inside and out these homes have it all. Comfort, luxury and tranquility.

The incentives offered for these amazing greenspace garden bungalows include many upgrades to choose from including air conditioning, appliances, hardwood flooring and more. For a limited time we are offering $10,000 in upgrades of your choice plus a $550 Cogeco 3 month trial package.

This community is located at The Parkway and Clonsilla. Our model home is professionally decorated and is located at 929 Wentworth Street. See sales person LisaAnne Lebeau at 705-741-1004 for details on this amazing limited time offer.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Excitement of The New Home Business (Foxmeadows Estates)

My name is Rick Phillips (Director of Sales and Marketing) and I joined Parkview Homes 2 years ago and it has been a real exciting ride.

It is very thrilling meeting all sorts of people, with all sorts of reasons why they are looking for a new home. Some of the main trends that I see on a regular basis are;

1. Downsizing (kids have moved out / empty nesters)

2. Moving from the country to be closer to services (schools, shopping, hospitals, restaurants, etc)

3. Job Relocation

4. First Time Buyers

5. Look for a larger home (growing family)

6. Not happy with the selection of “Re-sale Homes”

7. Will only consider a new home

The part of my job that I enjoy most, is listening to my customers, understanding their lifestyle preferences and offering them a series of “New Home Solutions” which hopefully will be exciting and make good sense to my purchasers. I am always looking for a way to personalize the home, without adding any substantial costs.

I also really do enjoy tweaking floor plans in order to customize their living area. It could be something as simple as converting two smaller closets into a walk in closet or adding more square footage to a home. Because of my experience, I get a real kick out of offering my customers a variety of creative floor plan ideas and suggestions. Quite often these suggestions that I make, have very little cost associated with them.

My clients value the time, creativity and effort that I put into the “Common Sense” enhancements to their home. It’s amazing that by asking the right questions, how quickly you can understand the type of home they may be interested in and what amenities are important to them.

Customers that I deal with also feel at ease when I let them know that I will also respect their budget. I try and give all my customers a sense of involvement, as they may also have a series of floor plan changes that they would like to see incorporated in to their new home.

Another aspect of the new home business as building friendly relationships. It’s exciting in a way to meet a young couple, help them tweak or alter a floor plan, see the home being built, and then seeing the excitement for them as they approach move in day. Also equally exciting is when they final move in, and some proud homeowners invite you into their new home.

I’ve had several homeowners have me over for a BBQ, sea food dinner and to see them entertain in their new home is absolutely an honor and extreme pleasure.

After all, I am in the people business. I do not sell wiggits, I have the excitement and pure honor of selling New Homes.

Rick Phillips – Director of Sales and Marketing, Parkview Homes – 705-748-4665

Friday, July 9, 2010

Foxmeadow Estates Model Home Now Open!!

We are excited to announce the opening of our new Foxmeadow Estates Model Home at 2399 Marsdale Drive, across from Monsignor O'Donoghue Elementary School. Please drop by and visit our newest open concept design The Castell - 1320 square feet, 2 bedrooms & 2 baths starting at only $249,990(HST included).

We are pleased to offer a selection of natural conservation lots in a beautiful setting, huge 30', 40' and 50' lots. Visit us soon and take advantage of this great selection while they are still available. With 15 homes now under construction, come and see why many families have decided to call Foxmeadow Estates home.

Please stop by and meet our Foxmeadow Estates Sales Representatives.

Rick Phillips
Parkview Homes Director of Sales & Marketing

Catey Jobin
Parkview Homes Sales Representative

Foxmeadow Model Home Office Hours: Monday to Thursday - 12pm to 8pm & Friday to Sunday 10am to 6pm. For more information call 705-748-4665.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What will produce my best ROI?

ROI(Return on Investment) is one of the smartest tools to use when spending money on making upgrade choices.

When considering the resale of your home, consider which area to invest money in your home to be sure you will get your money back. Since upgrades can make a substantial difference in the value of your home, these are important decisions!

Remember that while some home upgrades might improve your quality of life, they might not increase the value of your home.

Sometimes the answer is easy. Choices such as upgraded kitchens and bathrooms are the most appealing to potential purchasers, as they tend to be large and expensive renovations. These additions make your home attractive and worth more to the potential buyer. Painting and floor finishings almost always give a good ROI assuming that they are of a current style.

On the reverse side, some upgrades and home improvements offer bad return on investment. In this category we find upgrades that are valuable to the current owners but not seen as attractive to the potential buyer. Very strongly colored tiles in bathrooms or kitchens, swimming pools, wine cellars, dance floors, expensive build-in entertainment centers, outdoor hot tubs and elaborate basement bars are all examples of home improvements that will probably not appeal to everyone and will likely not pay back as well.

Expected range of return on your upgrade to your home:
Bathroom Renovation - 75-100%
Kitchen Renovation - 75-100%
Exterior Paint - 50-100%
Interior Paint - 50-100%
Roof Shingle Upgrade - 50-80%
Basement Finishing - 50-75%
Recreation Room Project - 50-75%
Fireplace - 50-75%
Flooring Upgrade - 50-85%
Furnace/Heating System Upgrade - 50-80%
Window/Door Upgrade - 50-75%
Extra Garage - 50-75%
Air Conditioning - 25-75%
Fence - 25-50%
Interlocking Paving - 25-50%
Landscaping - 25-50%
Asphalt Paving - 20-50%
Swimming Pool - 10-40%
Skylight - 0-25%