Monday, July 19, 2010

The Excitement of The New Home Business (Foxmeadows Estates)

My name is Rick Phillips (Director of Sales and Marketing) and I joined Parkview Homes 2 years ago and it has been a real exciting ride.

It is very thrilling meeting all sorts of people, with all sorts of reasons why they are looking for a new home. Some of the main trends that I see on a regular basis are;

1. Downsizing (kids have moved out / empty nesters)

2. Moving from the country to be closer to services (schools, shopping, hospitals, restaurants, etc)

3. Job Relocation

4. First Time Buyers

5. Look for a larger home (growing family)

6. Not happy with the selection of “Re-sale Homes”

7. Will only consider a new home

The part of my job that I enjoy most, is listening to my customers, understanding their lifestyle preferences and offering them a series of “New Home Solutions” which hopefully will be exciting and make good sense to my purchasers. I am always looking for a way to personalize the home, without adding any substantial costs.

I also really do enjoy tweaking floor plans in order to customize their living area. It could be something as simple as converting two smaller closets into a walk in closet or adding more square footage to a home. Because of my experience, I get a real kick out of offering my customers a variety of creative floor plan ideas and suggestions. Quite often these suggestions that I make, have very little cost associated with them.

My clients value the time, creativity and effort that I put into the “Common Sense” enhancements to their home. It’s amazing that by asking the right questions, how quickly you can understand the type of home they may be interested in and what amenities are important to them.

Customers that I deal with also feel at ease when I let them know that I will also respect their budget. I try and give all my customers a sense of involvement, as they may also have a series of floor plan changes that they would like to see incorporated in to their new home.

Another aspect of the new home business as building friendly relationships. It’s exciting in a way to meet a young couple, help them tweak or alter a floor plan, see the home being built, and then seeing the excitement for them as they approach move in day. Also equally exciting is when they final move in, and some proud homeowners invite you into their new home.

I’ve had several homeowners have me over for a BBQ, sea food dinner and to see them entertain in their new home is absolutely an honor and extreme pleasure.

After all, I am in the people business. I do not sell wiggits, I have the excitement and pure honor of selling New Homes.

Rick Phillips – Director of Sales and Marketing, Parkview Homes – 705-748-4665

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