Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Deeper Connection....

By Rick Phillips

Center: Rick Phillips

One of the many accomplishments I'm most proud of as director of sales and marketing for Parkview Homes is seeing the sincere examples of passion exhibited consistently for people amongst my sales staff.
I truly believe that we are gifted by having a caring knowledgeable and experienced sales team that goes above and beyond when it comes to forming personal and lasting relationships with their customers.
From my personal perspective,  I work very hard at listening to my customer, gaining a true perspective of their needs, allowing the customer to share ideas and to communicate openly during every aspect of the planning and purchasing stage  of their new home.
It's important from my personal perspective to really get to know the person(s), and develop a deeper connection with my client(s).
I believe all good business relationships are built on a foundation of good communication skills, developing a strong & sincere rapport, building trust and delivering on your promises. I believe Parkview is blessed by having a solid cohesive team of professionals that work extremely hard at  building lasting relationships with their prospects and customers.
This is an aspect of my professional career which I am very proud of, and believe that this is a positive contributing factor to the long-term success of Parkview homes or I can say,  This is a key element of the “Parkview Experience”.
I would like to thank you for reading my blog, please at your convenience, check out my YouTube videos, and if I can help you or your family with the purchase of a new home please contact me at your convenience.
I am here to listen, assist, and offer sound advice based on my years of experience of selling brand-new homes.
I can be reached at 705-741-1004 / 705-868-6441, or e-mail me at rphillips@Parkviewhomes.ca
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