Monday, June 30, 2014

I’m visiting a new home sales office, what should I expect?

The thought of owning a brand new home is very exciting to a lot of people, however some may feel intimidated walking into a New Home Sales Office or Model Home. During my 7 years of tenure as Director of Sales and Marketing for Parkview Homes, I have had the pleasure of meeting the hundreds of people who have walked through my Sales Office doors. With this much experience, I understand how it feels to walk into a sales office and can relate to the apprehension and hesitation that some people may have.

Prior to a visitor walking into my Sales Centre I always try and put myself in their shoes. I make a conscious effort to make the initial greeting as friendly and relaxed as possible. I feel it is important to be very personable, put people at ease immediately and be an active listener to make our guests feel at home within just a few seconds. My Sales Team and myself are not advocates of a “hard” sales approach and my Sales Team does not subscribe to this selling style. When walking into a Sales Centre,  my team and myself consistently create a warm, friendly and relaxed environment, conducive to open dialogue and make the initial visit a positive experience.

I feel a sense of accomplishment when my visitor departs, in knowing they have all of the information they require to assist them in making a purchase decision. Often, the initial meeting will lead to a second and occasionally a third meeting, depending on the needs and requirements of my purchaser(s).

For more information about purchasing a Brand New Home, Townhome or Condominium, kindly contact me at 705 748 4663. I would be delighted to meet with you and your family and discuss the exciting option of brand new home ownership.

Rick Phillips

Director of Sales and Marketing

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The First Time Home Buyer Blog: Visiting the Kitchen Designer

Howdy! And Welcome back to my First Time Home Buyer Blog in this edition I am going to expand on my experience of visiting the professional kitchen designer as part of my Design Studio Selections process.

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So just a little insider knowledge before I dive into my experience. Every purchaser of a brand new Parkview home gets to go through the Design Studio Selection process to select the finishes for their new home, and that includes the opportunity to meet with Debbie from AYA Kitchens. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to meet with Debbie she is super nice, highly professional and has the expertise to provide amazing suggestions to make your kitchen, your dream kitchen, while working inside even the most limited of budgets.

Initially I wasn’t planning on visiting with Debbie because of my restricted budget. I figured I would be able to pick out everything that I needed from the standard and upgrades available at the Design Studio, but when I wanted a different kind of cabinet in my powder room I booked an appointment to visit with Debbie and discuss my options.

When I arrived at AYA, Debbie was there ready to work one on one with me, discuss my kitchen and bathrooms options and offer up suggestions to make my life easier. She provided me with simple solutions such as adding a corner folding cabinet and a cabinet opposite my sink to optimize the storage space in my kitchen, adding an extended cabinet over my fridge so the cabinet wasn’t set back and under cabinet light valance for better lighting. She was also ready with suggestions to meet my personal style such as changing my standard oak cabinets to maple and changing my door hardware for a smoother, sleeker look.

She also listened to my thoughts and wishes for my kitchen and offered suggestions on how we could accomplish what I was looking to do. I had some extra space in my breakfast area, that I gained when I customized my plan, so I wanted to see if I could extend my kitchen into that area. I also wasn’t excited about the location of my main bank of drawers so I wanted to see if I could move it closer to the sink. And lastly, I wanted to see about changing the cabinet in my powder room to white, in a sleek and modern style.

In the end I decided that my kitchen needed the extra space, the moved bank of drawers, the corner folding cabinet and the cabinet on the opposite side of the sink and the maple upgrade. I also added the maple upgrade to my bathrooms for consistency throughout my home. 

When I got the drawings to sign off on I was blown away and I knew it was my kitchen! I can’t wait to move in so I can start cooking and baking in it!

Here is a sneak peek at my future kitchen:

In conclusion I LOVED MY KITCHEN DESIGNER EXPERIENCE! I was blown away by Debbie’s attentiveness to me and my needs, even though I didn’t have a big budget to spend. She made the experience 100% valuable and amazing, and made me so happy that I made the decision to go see her. I am having difficulty putting into words how excited this experience made me for my new home and how appreciative I am for knowing that my kitchen will be just perfect because of Debbie’s help.

It is spring now so my new home should be getting started any day now! When that shovel hits the dirt you know I will be peeking around the corner getting some pictures. Stay tuned for progress blogs and pictures!

Talk to you soon,
Alyssa :)

Here is more information about AYA Kitchens and the Parkview Homes Design Studio!

(Also, there are fantastic videos on this page that will show you the Design Studio and explain the Design Studio (Colour) Selection process!)