Thursday, January 10, 2013

Benefits of Insulation in a Parkview Home

Given it's January and very cold outside, we’ll bet you’re happy you have insulation in your homes!  Here are a few things you may not know about the benefits of insulation from the experts at Parkview homes!

Insulation is one of the most effective ways to improve the efficiency, comfort and operation costs of your home. Insulation works effectively both winter and summer to either keep warm air in during the winter months and minimize heat gain in the summer months. 

There are three ways in which heat can be transferred; these are referred to as radiation, convection and conduction. Radiation is heat that travels in a straight line that is emitted by one object or material and radiates to a cool object or material to heat it; Convection is the transfer of heat through gasses or liquids for example as warm air rises it is replaced by cooler air, conduction is heat transfer through a material or object or through material or objects touching. Resistance to heat flow is achieved in two different ways either bulk insulation (typically found in home construction) and reflective insulation (not recognized by Ontario Building Code) which works in two different ways. Bulk insulation traps air or gas within its makeup which provides the resistance to heat flow caused by radiant, convection or conduction.

Insulation is measured by its effectiveness in either a U-Value(rate at which it conducts) or an R-Value (thermal resistance). The higher the R- value the greater its resistance and the higher the insulating effect.

A home built to today's standards is 37% more efficient than a home built to code prior to 2006 using 1997 Ontario building code standard. 

For Example;

Main floor walls (typ 20% of homes energy loss):           

prior to 2006- R12                       Current Parkview built home standard – R22
Attic Insulation  (upto 50 % of total Homes heat loss):  

prior to 2006 – R30                     Current Parkview built home standard – R50
Exposed Floors or ceilings:                                                        

prior to 2006 –R19                      Current Parkview built home standard - R31 
Basement Insulation (up to 25-30% heat loss):
prior to 2006 min 2 ft below Grade           Current Parkview built home standard - A min 7-7/8” above finished basement floor ( approx Full height insulation)            

Quick Check
ü  Reduces energy Costs- overall home operation costs $$

ü  Reduce Green house gasses and emission

ü  Improved comfort year round

ü  Reduces noise transmission

ü  Reduces condensation

ü  Saves on non-renewable resources

ü  Added value