Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Seven Reasons to Buy a New Parkview Home Condominium

1) You are a first-time home purchaser.
As a first time home purchaser, buying a condo is a great way to start building equity with only a 5% down payment. Condos are generally more affordable than a detached H\home. You can own a Harmony Condominium for less than $ 175,000.

2) Harmony Condominiums are perfect for 1 or 2 people.
Whether you are a young professional, a couple, retired or anything in between, Harmony Condos is a great fit for you.

3) Why rent when you can own your own condo for the same rent amount or even cheaper!
Why throw your hard earned money out the window!! With the great current interest rates, you can now own your property instead of paying someone else’s mortgage and building their own equity!

4) Downsizing from a big Home.
The kid’s are all grown up now and they have moved out. You find that the upkeep of your house is just getting to be too much for you to handle. You just have too much stuff that you haven’t even used in years! Downsizing to a condo, provides you with an easy living lifestyle and simplifies things for you.

5) A social setting
At the Harmony Condominiums,  you live within a community, so to speak. Condo meetings for owners will bring you and your long-term neighbors together and will likely result in a close-knit environment that creates engagement and socialization.

6) You like to travel.
With owning a condo, you don’t have to worry about who is going to take care of your house while you are gone, you just simply lock your door and go.

7) You’re interested in living in the beautiful and convenient West end of Peterborough.
Harmony Condominiums are located in a very convenient West end location, close to all wmenities, including Hwy 115.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and I look forward to hearing from you.

My Model Home is Located at 287 Spillsbury drive, Peterborough.

To arrange for a tour of the professionally decorated Model Suite, please call me at (705)768-7178 and I will be delighted to show you through.

Roger Issa

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How Satisfied Are Parkview Homes Homeowners?

What are our homeowners saying about Parkview Homes?  Avid Reports is a company that surveys customers and provides information to builders about how satisfied customers are with their homebuying/building experience.  This graph indicates where Parkview Homes stands in relation to Canada as a whole.  The trend reads that 85% of our homebuyers, after responding to several questions regarding sales, design studio, construction team, product and  customer service experience, have rated their total homebuying experience with Parkview Homes as excellent! The average across Canada for builders is 84.6%, which means Parkview Homes customers are very happy with their buying experience.

We’re thrilled to see that our homeowners over the past year have responded positively to their experience working with Parkview Homes.  It is an honour for us to be part of such a special moment in people’s lives.  If you’d like to share in this joy and begin working with one of our team members to help you build your dream home, please click here to contact any of our new home specialists in any one of our communities.

Here’s to another great year ahead!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Deeper Connection....

By Rick Phillips

Center: Rick Phillips

One of the many accomplishments I'm most proud of as director of sales and marketing for Parkview Homes is seeing the sincere examples of passion exhibited consistently for people amongst my sales staff.
I truly believe that we are gifted by having a caring knowledgeable and experienced sales team that goes above and beyond when it comes to forming personal and lasting relationships with their customers.
From my personal perspective,  I work very hard at listening to my customer, gaining a true perspective of their needs, allowing the customer to share ideas and to communicate openly during every aspect of the planning and purchasing stage  of their new home.
It's important from my personal perspective to really get to know the person(s), and develop a deeper connection with my client(s).
I believe all good business relationships are built on a foundation of good communication skills, developing a strong & sincere rapport, building trust and delivering on your promises. I believe Parkview is blessed by having a solid cohesive team of professionals that work extremely hard at  building lasting relationships with their prospects and customers.
This is an aspect of my professional career which I am very proud of, and believe that this is a positive contributing factor to the long-term success of Parkview homes or I can say,  This is a key element of the “Parkview Experience”.
I would like to thank you for reading my blog, please at your convenience, check out my YouTube videos, and if I can help you or your family with the purchase of a new home please contact me at your convenience.
I am here to listen, assist, and offer sound advice based on my years of experience of selling brand-new homes.
I can be reached at 705-741-1004 / 705-868-6441, or e-mail me at
Also, don’t forget to visit us on-line here!    

Monday, October 29, 2012

Buying New Vs. Old ; Safe instead of Scary

The month of October conjures up cooler temperatures, changing colors of leaves and the desire for comfort foods such as soups and chili and then ultimately, that end of the month event known as Halloween.
Images of ghosts, goblins and every other costumed character imaginable, chasing down darkened streets, flitting from home to home, hoping for a delicious treat at each door, are a part of my own childhood memories.
One part of Halloween, which can also be seen in some of the scariest movies, was the thought of a haunted house, silhouetted against the darkness, standing alone in a more abandoned part of the neighborhood, and filled with noises and activities that only the bravest would dare impose upon, on that scariest of nights.
Of course, most of the horror of the haunted house was located more within the depths of our childish imaginations than in the home itself but I sometimes think of the purchase of an older home in somewhat the same scary way that we viewed these haunted homes of our youth.
The part of every haunted house of childhood days, which made it so deliciously frightening, was the very absence of concrete facts about their dwellers and their habits, leaving to our imaginations what might be lurking in the walls, under the floors and hiding in the attics.
The truth is, there is a part of purchasing a home where the concrete facts about who lived there and what exactly they did or did not do in the care of their homes, that can be a little scary and why many, in the end will opt for a New Home Purchase instead. While there may be many well cared for older homes out there, you can never be sure when facts are unknown or can be hidden in various ways.
Even a new home purchase can be scary, but it will be a safer purchase knowing that absolutely everything in the home is brand new, and no-one has had a chance to put their haunted ( err, umm) I mean uncaring hands on it yet…Your new home is guaranteed to last you for many spooky Halloweens to come as you cultivate and care for it with your own unique brand of TLC.
To take the scary out of your next home purchase, visit my spooktacular model home at 1514 Ireland Drive 705-748-4665 or visit me at our Lindsay Model Home and Sales Centre on 55 Lisbeth Cres. 705-320-9997.
Catey Jobin

Friday, October 19, 2012

Advantages of Condo Living

Condos can accommodate many different types of people. Condos have become an increasingly attractive home ownership option for singles, young couples, families and retired couples. Whether a young couple is looking for affordable housing, or a retired couple needs to down size their home since the kids have moved out, there are likely to be condos for sale to fit those needs. A condo is a viable option for anyone who wants to own a home without the worry of repairs, maintenance and dreaded chores like snow shovelling. They require little work and are maintained by the association, so the condo owner has little concerns. 

The Harmony Condominiums by Parkview Homes offer just that; “easy living”.  Located in the beautiful Valleymore Community in the South West end of Peterborough, these condos are close to all amenities, shopping, and Highway 115, which also makes it handy for people who commute from Peterborough.

 When a person is buying a condo, they are also buying into the entire building in which the condo is located. As a co-owner of the building, the owner will be assessed a proportional share of the cost for corrective work required in common areas, such as the roof, heating system, or foundation. This is paid in a monthly association fee that the condo owner has to pay for maintenance, as well.

Harmony Condominiums are very affordable; they usually sell for 20 to 30 percent less than homes and usually cost a lot less to maintain than a detached home. Parkview Homes is even offering a great incentive package for the Harmony Condominiums including $6,000 cash back, 5 appliances and central Air.

If you would like to view our beautifully decorated Model Suite, you can call Roger Issa at (705) 748-4663 or feel free to stop by 287 Spillsbury Drive, Peterborough.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Three opportunities remain to purchase at The Meadows in Peterborough

It's been a great fall at The Meadows, the quaint village, adult-oriented community in Peterborough. Sales have been strong and the community is about to welcome its two newest residents this week.

George will be getting his key this week while Sonja will be moving in on Thursday. Congratulation to both of them!

With their purchases at The Meadows only three opportunities remain to purchase in the community.

It's not a big surprise that these homes have been moving quickly. The Meadows is a unique chance to retire in a community that offers security and support while allowing you to maintain your independent lifestyle and privacy.

Independence is paramount as all residents of The Meadows have their own full garages, driveways and basements. Mail is delivered directly to the homes while garbage is picked up from each home as well. To top it all off, each home features a walk out basement that opens into some idyllic green space.

The Meadows is also an ideal place for single women looking for security and support in a community. With its social committee dedicated to planning festive gatherings all year round, residents will never be wanting for entertainment. If you want to get a real sense of the welcoming atmosphere present at The Meadows, the community will be celebrating Oktoberfest this weekend. Give Rick Phillips of Parkview Homes a call at 705 741 1004 if you want to take part in the festivities and tour the community.

Residents of The Meadows will also be able to play a round at the Kawartha Golf and Country Club, take advantage of an array of shopping and dining options, walk over to a Wal-Mart, which just celebrated its grand opening on Lansdowne Street, the main shopping strip in Peterborough. It’s also only a three minute drive to a state-of-the-art medical centre.

With the community about to close-out, the builder has reduced prices by up to $24,000 and is now offering free air conditioning and a free garage door opener. Prices are as low as $259,990 (HST included), so these three affordable opportunities won't be sitting still for long.

Call Rick Phillips at 705 741 1004 (office) or 705 868 6441 (cell) to arrange a personal tour. You can also contact Rick by email at Visit the website by clicking here!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

We have 6 great reasons to choose a brand new Parkview Home over a resale!

1.  You design it! When you buy a resale home, you are purchasing a home that someone else crafted to suit their lifestyle. When you build a new Parkview home, you will be able to choose exactly what you want and where you want it so you can move in and not have to touch a thing.

2.  Everyone has new neighbours! Moving into a new Parkview community, everyone is meeting each other for the first time. There won't be any pre-established social circles to work your way into and you will be discovering new things about your neighborhood at the same time everyone else does.

3. Resale! Life happens. You might have to relocate or you make a lifestyle change a couple of years after you move in. The good news is that newer homes are more attractive to prospective homebuyers and generally sell more quickly.

4. Competitively priced!  People are often pleasantly surprised when visiting our model homes that new home prices are generally very comparable to the used home market.  

5.  Modern home designs!  Small closets, no en suite, dingy crawl space basements, small closed-in living spaces and carpet everywhere? The hallmarks of an older home are not for today's homebuyer! The modern lifestyle is drastically different from what it was even ten years ago and resale homes often lack the oomph and space to satisfy. Today's homebuyer wants a bright kitchen/breakfast area open to a large great room with spacious vaulted ceilings. Soaker tubs and separate tiled showers in the master en suite and walk-in closets are now considered standard features for many modern home designs. And you’ll find all of these at Parkview!

6.  Show me the savings!  New homes from Parkview save money with the latest in construction technology and green building techniques. Energy efficient windows and furnaces, spray foam insulation, heat recovery ventilation systems, the list of quality features included in a new home is extensive!    These features are often very costly to retrofit a resale home with if it wasn't initially built to these standards.

For more information please contact your new home expert, Paul Davidson at 705-748-4665

Monday, September 17, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Hard to believe that summer is already coming to an end!
 It seems like the summer vacation is so much shorter now than it used to be. Though the days flew by far too quickly, they were most definitely packed solid with countless hours of quality time, fun and memories that will last forever.

At the end of summer you look back on the swimming, hiking, road hockey, camping, cottaging, kayaking, badminton, sprinkler fun, biking, beach days, traveling, and then count the number of months until you can do it all over again!
 If you’re like me, you end the summer with more amazing photographs than you know what to do with. The weather we had this summer was quite incredible…so many warm beautiful summer days and evenings, making it ideal to enjoy summer in Ontario.
The moment the kids are back in school, it’s suddenly time to buckle down and think about organizing your house, and your life, cleaning and tending to all of the things you didn’t get to while you were off enjoying summer.
As much as we don’t want to, it is now time to prepare for the next season ahead….Fall!
See our handy fall maintenance checklist for great tips on preparing your home for fall, both inside and out.

By: Susan Fenn

Friday, September 7, 2012

Elton John Coming to the Peterborough Memorial Centre Sept. 8th

Here’s What Elton Wants
When Elton John arrives in Peterborough for his concert on Saturday, he’ll bring along a contract that informs the Memorial Centre exactly how he wants to be treated, what he wants to drink and how many people will need to fit in the dressing room.
That would be ten.
That contract is called a rider, and everyone who plays the Memorial centre has some version of it. For as big a star as Elton John is, his rider is pretty tame but quite particular:
Here are some of his conditions and concerns:
·     Professional rolling clothes racks in both the band’s and female singers’ dressing rooms.
·     Green plants of varying heights. No plastic allowed.
·     He requires a large live palm and ficus trees and some small and medium green plants.
·     In Elton John’s dressing room, there will be banquet tables with linen table cloths with skirting.
·     He wants table lamps with three-way or 100-watt bulbs. Guess those over-60 eyes want lots of illumination on anything he’ll be reading.
·     He also requires a professional rolling clothes rack and full-length mirror.
·     He also wants five vases with red roses (numbering 9 to 16), two vases with white roses (numbering 9 to 16), and there should be only rose heads, no leaves. And stems must be cut to touch the bottom of the vases and they are to be held in place by clear glass stones.
·     He needs a telephone line with international access and a television with sports channels available.
·     In the wardrobe work room, there will be four gallons of distilled water, a clothes steamer and more clothing racks. Elton is known for his stage presence and snappy wardrobe, so it’s understandable he’d want to make sure he’s wrinkle-free when he hits the stage.
·     Want to drink what Elton and the crew are drinking? Then stock up on San Pellegrino water, Evian water, Diet Coke (must be in cans), Diet 7UP or Diet Sprite, fresh-squeezed orange juice, 2 percent milk and assortment of teas, coffee, sugar and uncut fresh lemons.
·     We have no clue what the man eats. He travels with his own catering service.

We hope you found some of Elton John's requests interesting!  The show on Saturday, September 8th, is SOLD OUT!  Want more information?  Visit the Peterborough Memorial Centre website here.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Parkview Homes Launches New Website

We are very excited to announce that after months of dedication and hard work by our marketing team… we have a NEW website! At points we thought this day was never going to come and now that it has we are over the moon with excitement!

When we sat down to decide what our new website was going to look like, we focused on you, our future buyer. What would you want to see and how would you like to be able to use our website? What we heard back was "interactive and easy to use".

So we created our new website to be user friendly with easy to find tabs, headings and categories. As well, we wanted to make sure you could find all the information you require with a new “Search for your new dream home” section, informative community pages as well as a virtual tour section. We can now bring you into our fabulous homes and communities (virtually speaking) before you have visited one of our breathtaking, professionally decorated model homes!
So what are you waiting for … have you visited yet?
It's easy as 1-2-3!

1.     Click here to go to
2.     Enter your search criteria to find a selection of homes that match with what you are looking for.
3.     Find your desired community and contact a New Home Specialist to assist you in finding your new dream home!

For tips on using our new site or if you have any questions about our homes, contact one of our New Home Specialists (found on our “contact us” page).

Send us an email at to let us know your feedback on our new website…we’d love to hear from you!

Susan Fenn
Website team Coordinator

Friday, May 4, 2012

What's New at Parkview Homes?

Parkview Homes welcomes a new position of in-house Marketing Specialist to the group!

Recently we've added team member, Alyssa Green, to fill the position of in-house Marketing Specialist.  Alyssa is responsible for creating all new ads, brochures, and marketing collateral for Parkview Homes.  If you have noticed a fresh change in the newspaper ads as of late, this would account for the new look Alyssa has brought to the marketing department.  With an Advance Diploma in Graphic Design from Georgian College, Alyssa brings knowledge and enthusiasm to our working team.  The staff at Parkview Homes is very excited to have Alyssa on board and looks forward to seeing her fresh, new ideas!

A note from Alyssa:

“I am excited to be the newest member of the Parkview Homes team. It was very exciting for me to be able to move back to my hometown of Peterborough and find a great job in the Graphic Design field. I look forward to working with everyone at Parkview, sharing my ideas, and creating great new designs!”

Learn more about the Parkview Homes staff here.