Monday, October 29, 2012

Buying New Vs. Old ; Safe instead of Scary

The month of October conjures up cooler temperatures, changing colors of leaves and the desire for comfort foods such as soups and chili and then ultimately, that end of the month event known as Halloween.
Images of ghosts, goblins and every other costumed character imaginable, chasing down darkened streets, flitting from home to home, hoping for a delicious treat at each door, are a part of my own childhood memories.
One part of Halloween, which can also be seen in some of the scariest movies, was the thought of a haunted house, silhouetted against the darkness, standing alone in a more abandoned part of the neighborhood, and filled with noises and activities that only the bravest would dare impose upon, on that scariest of nights.
Of course, most of the horror of the haunted house was located more within the depths of our childish imaginations than in the home itself but I sometimes think of the purchase of an older home in somewhat the same scary way that we viewed these haunted homes of our youth.
The part of every haunted house of childhood days, which made it so deliciously frightening, was the very absence of concrete facts about their dwellers and their habits, leaving to our imaginations what might be lurking in the walls, under the floors and hiding in the attics.
The truth is, there is a part of purchasing a home where the concrete facts about who lived there and what exactly they did or did not do in the care of their homes, that can be a little scary and why many, in the end will opt for a New Home Purchase instead. While there may be many well cared for older homes out there, you can never be sure when facts are unknown or can be hidden in various ways.
Even a new home purchase can be scary, but it will be a safer purchase knowing that absolutely everything in the home is brand new, and no-one has had a chance to put their haunted ( err, umm) I mean uncaring hands on it yet…Your new home is guaranteed to last you for many spooky Halloweens to come as you cultivate and care for it with your own unique brand of TLC.
To take the scary out of your next home purchase, visit my spooktacular model home at 1514 Ireland Drive 705-748-4665 or visit me at our Lindsay Model Home and Sales Centre on 55 Lisbeth Cres. 705-320-9997.
Catey Jobin

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