Thursday, November 21, 2013

Passion For The Job

Do you have passion for what you do? I sure do. There are many aspects to my career that I find exciting, gratifying and also challenging.

What do I find exciting? It’s really all about people. The joy of creating a connection, the ability to help understand their needs and help problem solve. The satisfaction of offering potential purchasers and purchasers design ideas and structural changes that they may not have thought about. I love making suggestions for things as simple as… “How about we add a nice pocket door in the master ensuite, so that the door when opened, will not be hiding your beautiful new glass shower door. Often the person(s) buying will not think of the simple changes that will make the home function easier.

There are also creative and challenging elements to my position that I welcome. I was approached a few months ago to work out a custom home design for a client that was severely disabled in a recent major car accident. The mobility needs for a client in that situation are extensive and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of creating a custom home design that meets all mobility and lifestyle needs, IE: Custom kitchen, electrical switches at different levels, elevator, access ramps, walk in shower and so much more. It has been an honour to work with such amazing clients and to work together in harmony to create a winning floor plan, that serves all mobility and lifestyle needs.

As Director of Sales and Marketing, I’m proud to be leading a caring and talented team of sales, marketing and design professionals. The total tenure of my team exceeds 29 years of consulting with prospects, designing and working out great living solutions for hundreds and hundreds of happy Parkview Homeowners. I also love the challenge of managing the marketing effort, understanding “New Home" trends, market conditions, knowing our competition and making continuous improvements to processes, and products while always keeping a watchful eye on customer satisfaction.

I feel blessed to be working in a dynamic industry that I have a great understanding and passion for. At the end of the day, it’s all about people and in many cases, making the dream of owning a new home simple, fun and worry free. For more information about my blog or purchasing a Brand new Home, please contact me at 705-741-1004 or email me at

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