Friday, September 7, 2012

Elton John Coming to the Peterborough Memorial Centre Sept. 8th

Here’s What Elton Wants
When Elton John arrives in Peterborough for his concert on Saturday, he’ll bring along a contract that informs the Memorial Centre exactly how he wants to be treated, what he wants to drink and how many people will need to fit in the dressing room.
That would be ten.
That contract is called a rider, and everyone who plays the Memorial centre has some version of it. For as big a star as Elton John is, his rider is pretty tame but quite particular:
Here are some of his conditions and concerns:
·     Professional rolling clothes racks in both the band’s and female singers’ dressing rooms.
·     Green plants of varying heights. No plastic allowed.
·     He requires a large live palm and ficus trees and some small and medium green plants.
·     In Elton John’s dressing room, there will be banquet tables with linen table cloths with skirting.
·     He wants table lamps with three-way or 100-watt bulbs. Guess those over-60 eyes want lots of illumination on anything he’ll be reading.
·     He also requires a professional rolling clothes rack and full-length mirror.
·     He also wants five vases with red roses (numbering 9 to 16), two vases with white roses (numbering 9 to 16), and there should be only rose heads, no leaves. And stems must be cut to touch the bottom of the vases and they are to be held in place by clear glass stones.
·     He needs a telephone line with international access and a television with sports channels available.
·     In the wardrobe work room, there will be four gallons of distilled water, a clothes steamer and more clothing racks. Elton is known for his stage presence and snappy wardrobe, so it’s understandable he’d want to make sure he’s wrinkle-free when he hits the stage.
·     Want to drink what Elton and the crew are drinking? Then stock up on San Pellegrino water, Evian water, Diet Coke (must be in cans), Diet 7UP or Diet Sprite, fresh-squeezed orange juice, 2 percent milk and assortment of teas, coffee, sugar and uncut fresh lemons.
·     We have no clue what the man eats. He travels with his own catering service.

We hope you found some of Elton John's requests interesting!  The show on Saturday, September 8th, is SOLD OUT!  Want more information?  Visit the Peterborough Memorial Centre website here.

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