Monday, September 17, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Hard to believe that summer is already coming to an end!
 It seems like the summer vacation is so much shorter now than it used to be. Though the days flew by far too quickly, they were most definitely packed solid with countless hours of quality time, fun and memories that will last forever.

At the end of summer you look back on the swimming, hiking, road hockey, camping, cottaging, kayaking, badminton, sprinkler fun, biking, beach days, traveling, and then count the number of months until you can do it all over again!
 If you’re like me, you end the summer with more amazing photographs than you know what to do with. The weather we had this summer was quite incredible…so many warm beautiful summer days and evenings, making it ideal to enjoy summer in Ontario.
The moment the kids are back in school, it’s suddenly time to buckle down and think about organizing your house, and your life, cleaning and tending to all of the things you didn’t get to while you were off enjoying summer.
As much as we don’t want to, it is now time to prepare for the next season ahead….Fall!
See our handy fall maintenance checklist for great tips on preparing your home for fall, both inside and out.

By: Susan Fenn

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