Monday, June 30, 2014

I’m visiting a new home sales office, what should I expect?

The thought of owning a brand new home is very exciting to a lot of people, however some may feel intimidated walking into a New Home Sales Office or Model Home. During my 7 years of tenure as Director of Sales and Marketing for Parkview Homes, I have had the pleasure of meeting the hundreds of people who have walked through my Sales Office doors. With this much experience, I understand how it feels to walk into a sales office and can relate to the apprehension and hesitation that some people may have.

Prior to a visitor walking into my Sales Centre I always try and put myself in their shoes. I make a conscious effort to make the initial greeting as friendly and relaxed as possible. I feel it is important to be very personable, put people at ease immediately and be an active listener to make our guests feel at home within just a few seconds. My Sales Team and myself are not advocates of a “hard” sales approach and my Sales Team does not subscribe to this selling style. When walking into a Sales Centre,  my team and myself consistently create a warm, friendly and relaxed environment, conducive to open dialogue and make the initial visit a positive experience.

I feel a sense of accomplishment when my visitor departs, in knowing they have all of the information they require to assist them in making a purchase decision. Often, the initial meeting will lead to a second and occasionally a third meeting, depending on the needs and requirements of my purchaser(s).

For more information about purchasing a Brand New Home, Townhome or Condominium, kindly contact me at 705 748 4663. I would be delighted to meet with you and your family and discuss the exciting option of brand new home ownership.

Rick Phillips

Director of Sales and Marketing

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