Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Designing Your Bedroom Oasis to Fit Your Style

Many design enthusiasts just like you, are struggling with trying to figure out exactly what to do with the master bedroom retreat in their home.   I’ve combed the web looking for ideas to help you transform your master bedroom into a restful and relaxing adult space.

Bedrooms come in all styles, shapes and sizes. Your bedroom should create the look and feel of your own personality. Some like the calm oasis with thoughts of sleeping peacefully, while others desire crazy wild and vibrant wake- me- up kind of colours to represent their personality in their space. Regardless of your choice it should fit YOU, your life and your needs. It’s entirely personal when it comes to designing the ‘boudoir’.

So here are a few of my own suggestions;

Nothing completes a room, in my opinion, better than adding fabric. Let’s face it, a bedroom is nothing but a bed and a dresser(s) without the fabric. Once you add the pillow covers, shams, bedding, draperies, throws, lampshades, rugs, etc. the room is virtually complete! Select a few solid pieces of well made Canadian furniture in dark espresso brown, ivory or black and you can’t go wrong.

So what are the rules for decorating with fabric? Famous British designer Kathryn Ireland, believes you can mix brights with muted, florals with plaid, velvets with linens. It’s all in how you throw them together! I personally enjoy combining textures for interest. The French influence in linens is gaining popularity with bright, bold patterns and geometric prints. Whatever suits your mood, it is important to find fabulous FABRICS.

A furniture question for the bedroom; do your bedside tables need to match?

The debate continues. You’ve no doubt heard the warning “you don’t want to be too matchy- matchy” by a knowledgeable friend or designer. Many decorators like to mix it up, creating a more interesting bedroom scheme by coordinating pieces rather than repeating pieces.

If you are fond of antique/ vintage décor, you will most likely choose 2 different end tables and possibly a 3rd style for the dresser, as matching pieces are typically not an option. If this is the case my advice would be, choose same or similar stain colours to pull off the look. Or match stained pieces with painted pieces. If you are more into an orderly and symmetrical space such as in a condo or contemporary space, then keep in mind the bed is your focal point and should be highlighted as such.

There is no right or wrong here, pick a style or theme and stick to it.

Finally in deciding on your perfect bedroom décor accessory ask yourself this very important question before you start and make sure you incorporate the answer in your master bedroom. Here it is…

I never feel at home without ________________.

Happy decorating!

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