Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Falling in Love with a New Home

Ahhhhh… Love is in the air! I can feel it all around me, as I watch couples beginning the thrill of a new relationship. I wonder if what they are feeling and seeing in the object of their affection is merely the outer layer of something wonderful, or if it’s something that in time will reveal even more delights layer by layer.

So often as relationships progress, sheer delight increases as each new quality of personality, intellect or character is revealed, till it leads to the breathtaking decision to spend a lifetime together. Of course we all know and have experienced what happens when the layers begin to unfold and everyone settles into a comfortable ‘This is the real me’ existence. Then we discover that the person underneath the beautiful exterior that first brought us together is everything we had hoped for and imagined.

One of the most incredible purchases a couple or single person will ever make in a lifetime is the home that they will spend their relationships in, as marriages bloom and families grow to occupy the new home.

As vitally important as making sure we know what is under all those layers of the person we want to invest a long future with, is knowing what is inside the major investment of a new home purchase. Just like the thrill of unearthing the many facets of that special person in our lives, so should the discovery of a new home be equally thrilling, culminating in a long-lasting relationship that fills our hearts with pride, joy and delight.

Often when purchasing a home that has been previously occupied by others, the “honeymoon” phase of home ownership can take an unwelcome turn, as layers are uncovered that a “pretty” exterior has kept hidden. Purchasing a home that is newly built from the ground up, being able to see exactly what is being done, and what is truly a part of your new home’s “real” personality, can make the home ownership experience a perpetual union of bliss for many years to come.

Come and visit us today to discover what ‘falling in love’ with a new home is all about!

By Catey Jobin, New Home Specialist

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