Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The First Time Home Buyer Blog: Plan Review

Hey! Thanks for checking in! In this blog I will be talking to you about my Plan Review!

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My Plan Review:

Now that the construction on my home is coming along swimmingly! It was time for me to sit down and go over the detailed plans of my home at my Plan Review. For this meeting I once again got to sit down with Susan (whose, yes, is also our Design Studio Manager), to review my home and make sure all the changes and selections I had made were included in the construction plans.

A Plan Review is one of the many touch points provided to all Parkview homebuyers during the construction process. It is a great time to ask questions about your home and to make sure that certain items you selected have been included.

To start my Plan Review Susan walked me through my plans, showing me all the upgrades and changes that I had made at the time of my purchase. So anything that shows up in my Agreement of Purchase and Sale, on the document known as the Schedule Z. For me this included all the floor plan changes and my garage to foyer man door. While reviewing these changes she also went through and showed me all of my windows, describe what kind of window it would be (casement, slider, combo slider, etc.), and let me know if they were operating or non-operating and went over the sizes of each one. As well, she pointed out where all my smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, attic hatch and phone and cable outlets would be located.

Second, she went back through the plans and double-checked that all my flooring selections were correct. She showed me where I selected tile, carpet and hardwood and where my flooring breaks would be.

It is during this appointment that you are offered the peace of mind that everything you selected in regards to floor plans changes, windows, decks, flooring, etc. have all been accounted for and that your home is being built just the way you wanted. If you have any questions about the construction of your new home the Plan Review is a great time to ask them while you are sitting one on one with Susan.

Sitting down for my plan review was very exciting! It brings the reality that in only a few more short months the home on paper will be a reality and I will move from being a homebuyer to a HOMEOWNER!!

It has become come practice for me to drive by each week and take pictures of the progress! I get extremely excited when I see big developments happening, like window installation, roofing and the masonry work just started!!

I will be checking back soon to give another update so stay tuned!!

Talk to you soon,
Alyssa :)

PS. If you want to be my neighbour, check out Jackson Creek Meadows here!

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