Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The First Time Home Buyer Blog: Pre-Drywall Walk-Through

Welcome back! It’s been a little while since I last wrote an update on my house! Well it is coming along FANTASTICALLY! I am getting EXTREMELY EXCITED to finally be moving in, in a few short weeks.

If this is the first time you are checking in with me or want to re-read some of my previous entries, here are the links to the previous blogs:

In my absence I have had fun picking appliances, furniture and more kitchen stuff! And I even started packing!!

However, before I tell you about all those exciting parts of this process I wanted to bring you back to my Pre-Drywall Walk Through, which happened back in November. I know what your thinking “November!! And I am just reading about it now!!” Again, I apologize for the delay, I just got so busy I couldn’t find the time to fill you all in on this exciting part of my First Time Home Buying Process. So better late than never ;)

My Pre-Drywall Walk-Through:

The name of this appointment is very self-explanatory; it is an opportunity to walk through your home before the drywall goes up and make sure that your home is being constructed just the way you want, including any floor planning changes and to make sure electrical and plumbing upgrades have been roughed-in. As well, it is a great time to bring up any questions and/or concerns you may have, so they can be addressed before the drywall is installed. Just like the plan review you will meet with Susan for this appointment, and she will be joined by the Site Supervisor, who is in charge of everything to do with your home on site.

I think the best part about the Pre-Drywall Walk-Through is that you are walking through YOUR NEW HOME! It is the first time you get to see the inside of your home and the bones that are going to hold and protect so many future memories. I know for me I had difficulty listening to Susan about all the details, because I was looking around with immense excitement, realizing that this whole process is very real! I will be a new homeowner come the beginning of February!!

So back to the details… You start by being introduced to the Site Supervisor, then you, Susan and the Site Super walk through the home and make sure everything that you reviewed at your plan review is where it should be. The walk through will cover all elements of the floor plan you selected, electrical; switch, outlet and fixture rough-in locations, plumbing; all rough-ins locations will be visible (this includes the kitchen, all bathrooms, laundry, etc.) and smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector locations. These features will be discussed in each room of your home.

Like I said before, this a very exciting appointment in the process, but it is also very important. You want to make sure that you pay attention and if you have any concerns or questions you should express them to Susan and the Site Super so they can be addressed right away!

Also, another fun part of the Pre-Drywall Walk-Through is the fabulous green hard hat you get to wear! Here’s my hard hat selfie :)

I have just a little over four weeks to go until I get my keys!! Stay tuned for some more updates before move in day!!

Talk to you soon,
Alyssa :)

PS. If you want to be my neighbour (there is still one home for sale in my block!), check out Jackson Creek Meadows.

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