Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The First Time Home Buyer Blog: Appliance Selection Process

 Well hello there! :D

Thanks for checking back in with me. I should probably warn you that my excitement level for my new and first home is THROUGH THE ROOF!! The wait has been long but totally worth it! I can’t wait to get into MY new home!! With the weeks until I get my keys now countable on one hand, I can’t wait! Eeeek!!!

I am still playing a little catch up on writing about all the experiences I have had during my experience of buying my first home. In this blog, I am going to talk about my appliance selection process.

If this is the first time you are checking in with me or want to re-read some of my previous entries, here are the links to the previous blogs:

Appliance Selection:

I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but when I purchased my house many, many months ago I selected a free 5-appliance package as my bonus instead of a free gas fireplace. While the fireplace would have been cozy and warm on those long cold winter days, I figured being able to cook my dinner, keep my groceries cold and do laundry was a much better option ;)

When you choose the 5-appliance package you are given a credit to use at The Brick. You can either use it to select 5 basic white standard appliances (fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer) or you can use it as a credit towards the purchase of upgraded appliances. I went for the latter option; white appliances were just not my thing. I wanted stainless steel!

I should also mention, that if you don’t want to use your credit towards appliances you also have the option of using it towards furniture and/or mattresses at The Brick. Details on the entire program are available at all Parkview Homes Model Homes.

The advantage of the choosing the appliances when purchasing your new home is that you get to work directly with Rencee at The Brick. She will setup an appointment for you to come in, sit down and discuss what you would like in regards to your appliances, she will show you what comes as standard, she will also show you upgrade options based on your needs and wants and then provide you with pricing.

For me I went with the standard white washer and dryer, as long as my clothes come out clean and dry then they are doing their job! I did however want to upgrade my kitchen appliances. As I mentioned before, I wanted stainless steel, but I also wanted to make sure my fridge had a large freezer. As a single person, I don’t want to be cooking everyday, so the ability to cook large amounts of food and then freeze small portions was important to me. Also, in my kitchen I wanted to make sure I had a stove/oven that suited my needs. I have a large family and I wanted to make sure that when they came over I am going to have a large capacity oven, so I can cook up huge feasts. In addition to the large family I love to bake, so I wanted to make sure I picked something that catered to this as well. Lastly, because my fridge and stove/oven were now stainless steel, I wanted to make sure that my dishwasher didn’t stand out like a sore thumb, so for a minimal amount I upgraded it to stainless steel as well.

Rencee was able to listen to my needs and wants and showed my many options that fit into what I was looking for but also fit my budget. She was patient with me as I carefully and thoroughly reviewed each of the options that worked for me. I should probably mention, this was a huge decision and I am pretty indecisive! ;)

At the end of my appointment I selected a beautiful stainless steel french door fridge with a huge freezer draw and a large capacity convection oven. I know both will suit my needs perfectly and I can rest assured knowing that I was shown all the options and I didn’t go over my budget.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures at this stage. So stay tuned for pictures after I move in of my beautiful kitchen!!

Talk to you soon,
Alyssa :)

PS. If you want to be my neighbour (& get some fresh baked goods ;) ) check out Jackson Creek Meadows!

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