Thursday, March 13, 2014

Your New Home… Personalized Just For You!

In our careers there are always aspects of our jobs that we find interesting and fulfilling. One of the aspects that I enjoy is helping my customers find practical solutions to personalizing their floor plan, to meet their lifestyle requirements or special needs. Often my clients will be looking at a floor plan on our website and contact me and wondering if they can make changes. The answer is that at Parkview Homes, we love to work with our purchasers to make the changes they desire to personalize their home to suit their lifestyle and needs.

I enjoy listening to my client's suggestions and I love to offer my own suggestions. Often I will make practical and low cost suggestions that my clients have not even considered. I find making suggestions that will enhance my clients home in terms of “their wishes” very satisfying.
For example:

“How about we increase the width of your front door? This will make it easier for delivery of large appliances or furniture.”

“Why don’t we upgrade your regular ensuite door in your master bathroom, to a pocket door that way the door will not be hiding your new elegant glass shower door?”

Normally when I’m working with a client, I review and examine the floor plan after I understand my client's lifestyle needs and budget and offer helpful suggestions. Reviewing and/or changing floor plans is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. I often receive feedback from my customers on how helpful the process was and they really were appreciative of my suggestions.
I have re-designed master ensuite bathrooms, created dream kitchen suggestions, helped re-design lower levels and I even had the pleasure of designing a wheelchair accessible home.

I also receive feedback from my customers that many of the other builders would not spend as much time with them and I often hear that other local builders were not interested in making floor plan changes.

Looking for a new home? Let’s Chat!  I’m available 5 days a week, where we can sit down in a nice relaxed environment, share design thoughts & ideas and together design a home which is “PERSONALIZED JUST FOR YOU.”
For more information, contact Rick Phillips – Director of sales and Marketing – Parkview Homes   705-741-1004 (office)

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