Friday, March 21, 2014

Why has everything gone grey?

As I look out my window on this stormy winter’s day, I ask the question “why has everything gone grey”? And I don’t just mean the skies! What I am most curious about is what’s happening in the home décor world.

As you may already be aware the trend in decorating has shifted from what once was clearly beige/brown to grey. I personally really like the use of this colour in interiors, but I know that it is quite a controversial colour as some people find it quite depressing. Some refer to grey as the “drabbest colour in the pallette”. Grey is often associated with industrial environments which are typically utilitarian and functional.

 If we look at grey, we see a colour that is neither black nor white. Given it is virtually absent of colour, it draws no attention to itself, neither good nor bad, in my opinion. The flip side to this coin is that some colour enthusiasts believe it is the new beige and feels as neutral and pleasing to the eye as can be.
In recent months we have seen a significant shift in the use of the colour grey; not just in paint, cabinets, and accessories but also in clothing, and even car manufacturers have caught on to this hot trend! I recently purchased a new vehicle in what I would call a mid grey tone (they call it graphite) which is not too light (silver) and not too dark (charcoal) but in my opinion just right. Up until a few years ago I could never see myself liking a grey car, but have to admit I have fully embraced the “grey” world!

There could be a number of reasons why grey is the new colour of choice by many. It could be seen as a trendy/fashionable statement by those who follow design shows and read up on the latest magazines. This gives a sense of belonging, inclusion, even acceptance.

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