Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Parkview Homes Customer Satisfaction is on the Rise

Surveys are sent out to each of our new homeowners about a month after they move in. Based on independent research conducted by Avid Ratings we have lots of interesting feedback…and the stats below make us so happy!

  • Overall, (this year vs. last year) we went from 77.6 to 83.3 out of 100 in total home buying experience. This is a 13.6% increase from this year to last year.

Total home buying experience score consists of 3 factors:

1. Builder’s level of caring

2. Sales, product and service experience

3. Recommend to family and friends

  • We increased the total home buying experience score from 79.4 this month last year to 90.2 this year.
  • Out of 21 surveys sent out, 14 were returned – a 67% response rate between Oct. and Dec. (Note: Anything over 45% is a good return rate for surveys.)
  • Based on last quarter’s performance, 92.9% of Parkview homeowners are willing to recommend us to family and friends.

Needless to say, this is all great news! We are thrilled to know that we’re making our homeowner’s happy, and we look forward to improving our customer service even more.

Susan Fenn
Sales and Production Coordinator

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