Monday, March 14, 2011

The Journey Through Our Office Renovation

We began our office renovation on our first day back to the office in January. It has been an interesting journey for the corporate office staff of Parkview Homes during the process. Allow me to share with you a few details about our journey…

We were temporarily located in another suite in the same building, which was very convenient and close, However, a move is still a move, whether you move 30 ft. or 30 km! It meant boxing up all items in filing cabinets, removing all items from desks and drawers, taking everything out of a very busy and productive office so it could be stripped right down to the bare walls. A lot of work went into this move and all the while business was still maintained as usual. Fortunately, we only experienced a lapse of a few hours of phone service at most…not bad at all!

Then a number of our trusted contractors went to work, very quickly and efficiently reconstructing the office. This involved removal of walls, reconstruction of our boardroom and reception area, adding a few closets and a kitchenette with a small sink (a much needed addition), revising our HVAC needs, replacing the flooring, painting the walls, installing blinds, and best of all, installing modular workstations for staff.

Six weeks later, a very short timeframe, on February 15th, we packed up all over again, and moved back upstairs, into to our fresh new, warm and inviting office environment. Initially it was a little like organized chaos, with the boxes everywhere and staff getting settled into their new workspaces, but it was soon discovered to be well worth the small struggles we endured to create a beautiful office we look forward to coming to every day.

We haven’t reached perfection quite yet in the office as we move things into place, but can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel in this renovation.

On behalf of all office staff, I would like to extend a warm “thank you” to the owners of Parkview Homes, Paul Dietrich and Steve McLaren, for embracing this welcome change.

Susan Fenn

Sales and Production Coordinator

Parkview Homes

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