Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Outdoor Rooms

This is the time of year where we begin to start living outside. After an extremely long and cold winter, there is nothing more pleasurable than finding a comfy seat in the backyard with an ice tea in hand or relaxing with a good book or simply perusing the fruits of your labour in your gardens.

If you are lucky enough to have a covered deck, porch or veranda, this would undoubtedly be your favourite room in the home from now until October!  Why not create your own outdoor room?! This has become a very popular trend in recent years and a wonderful extension to your home. It can be as simple as setting up a fire pit surrounded by lawn chairs ready to make smores or as elaborate as a salvaged wood dining table dressed up with colourful linens, acrylic glassware and bright patterned bowls/plates nestled under a candlelit chandelier carefully placed on the branch of a tree above.
A great way to illustrate casual, comfortable outdoor dining is shown in the photo above, featured in House Beautiful magazine. A selection of furniture pieces, possibly found in the cellar, set up outside for Alfresco dining under century old oak trees is the perfect way to celebrate a spring/summer day. Note the furniture can be mismatched and still add character to an outdoor setting by tossing colourful bright cusions and throws in happy hues. An assortment of fresh flowers on the table in any type of container or vase adds romantic and eclectic charm.

As far as colour schemes that work outside, I recommend aqua blues, tangerine orange, fusia and deep purples, but having said that, really anything goes. Slate blue/gray and ivory colour palette also works well outdoors.

The most important part of spring/summer is that we are outdoors, watching the new growth on the trees, smelling the fresh green grass and enjoying what nature has to offer us this time of year.

I hope this inspires you to create your own back yard relaxation room and that you enjoy the fresh air, great books and backyard bbqs with family and friends all summer long.

Susan Fenn
Interior Designer, Manager

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