Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A few words from our newest sales representative!

Having been with Parkview for less than a year, all I can say is what an exciting business to be involved with!

Everything that I enjoy in life is tied into the new home selling business… Meeting and helping new people everyday… helping to create a new life and lifestyle for people coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, financial abilities, family sizes and unique sets of needs and desires… and each day bringing a plethora of fresh situations with not a dull moment in the mix.

The sales staff, site supervisors, construction workers and office staff are such a hard working and caring set of individuals. Together, we work in an environment that is exciting and passionate, and founded on giving people an experience that makes purchasing one of the biggest items in their lives a joyful time of expectation.

What can I say… working at Parkview is awesome!

Catey Jobin

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